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Karine Gordineer, founder of Green Girl Herbs & Healing grew up close to nature spending long hours climbing trees, wandering in the woods, gardening, and learning of the wild plants. As she grew into adulthood, Karine spent days and weeks hiking and backpacking throughout the Catskills and local Hudson Valley trails as her passion for the Earth and healing plants flourished. During that time, her natural connection with the healing energy of the Earth deepened and she knew this healing energy was accessible to everyone if they would but slow down and learn to be with it. As she saw the devastation being wrought upon the Earth and people living on the planet, she longed for a way to share her vision and love of the Earth and inspire others to reconnect, heal themselves, and protect the planet in the process. In 1998, it was out of this passion Green Girl Herbs & Healing was born, an idea and a dream to help people heal and find balance through right relationship with the Earth and by utilizing natural healing methods. It is also a prayer that as we heal, so will the Earth heal.

“Many people do not see the connection between healing People and Healing Planet and yet the two are inextricably connected. There is no separation. Until we realize that we are not separate from each other or the planet or the other beings on this planet we will not have true healing. To find the core of You, be present and silent in Nature. There allow the Silence to reflect back to you and finally come home to your true Essence. This is the heart and the nature of all the work I do, the place where true healing begins.” – Karine Gordineer

Green Girl Herbs & Healing has built its foundations on doing everything as sustainable as possible and on rediscovering the sacred bond we all share with this beautiful, blue & green planet we call home. It is through helping people to learn about the sacred medicine plants growing all around them, the profound peace and healing to be found in nature, herbs, and energy healing, that Green Girl seeks to inspire others to connect with the environment and begin or deepen their own relationship with Mother Earth and connect with their inner Spirit.


Featured Classes


Plant Communication One-Day Workshop

“If you listen, they will teach you.

Ancient peoples recognized that all of Nature is sentient and is able to communicate with us in a voice all Her own. Many have forgotten this language and feel cut off from the natural world but the connection is not completely lost as nature is always speaking to us and open to those longing for this type of contact. The language of nature and the Green Beings speaks to a deep part of our Spirits even if our minds do not always comprehend for it is the language of the Heart.

Science is now catching up and modern research presents compelling examples of how plants communicate with each other as well as other species. This Plant Communication Workshop is designed to introduce participants to this language and connection allowing for time to explore and deepen this new level of relationship. Here we can gain direct access to the consciousness and wisdom of the plants for life-changing personal and planetary healing and expansion.


I invite you to contact me or schedule time to talk.


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