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Studying with Karine over the past two years has been a wonderful journey. Although I had worked with herbs years ago, other responsibilities took over my focus and I put the herbs aside while I worked as a health professional. Learning from Karine has been more thorough than I expected as she is generous with her time and knowledge. The first year’s study was exciting and full of new information that took time to digest, new ideas to find space for. The second year deepened the first beautifully, allowing a flowering from the first year’s base. The practical and easily accessible curriculum helped me to learn the qualities and uses of many herbs, even some (lots!) that can be grown in my garden and yard. Being able to devote time and energy to the plants has been such a blessing, and has brought me balance and strength. With Karine’s gentle patient oversight I’ve learned to capture the essence of the plants, and my cabinet is full of beautifully jewel-toned oils, salves and teas right from my backyard.


On our frequent walks to identify plants we saw the herbs in their natural habitat, and the variations of how they grew under different conditions, with Karine identifying and connecting with the plants as we went. We made oils, salves, tinctures, syrups, glycerides, teas, infusions, decoctions and more, we meditated and communicated with the plants. Sacred Heart of Herbalism training has been an education I’ve only dreamed of, and it’s empowering still as I stay connected to the plants and let them lead me into the next chapter.


Thank you Karine for your authentic herbal mothering and expertise! Your program is indeed sacred and heart centered and you teach clearly with deep humility and inner strength.


Cathy Stubbs RN, BSN, LMT, C-IAYT, Achieving Balance, Integrative Wellness Education

For years, I worked in schools and tended to come down with most of what was going around.  Several years ago, I was attending a local wellness fair with a friend who took me to the Green Girl booth and told me I had to try their elderberry syrup.  So glad she did as I have not had any respiratory illnesses since.  Another plus is that it tastes really good so it is easy to remember to take.  I look forward to my daily dose.  Thanks, Karine!

Barbara Capralos

For me The Sacred Heart of Herbalism Course was a beautiful adventure and a very beneficial undertaking. I learned a lot about the medicinal properties of plants, and gained some very practical skills in preparing natural remedies. Each class deepened and expanded my understanding of using plants medicinally. I learned scientific facts, as well as the energetic/spiritual properties of plants. The entire course was very practical but at the same time absolutely magical. I enjoyed every minute of it. Karine is a very kind, thoughtful, and generous teacher. It was not the first course that I took with her, and definitely not the last one.

Milena from NYC

Karine is amazingly knowledgeable about all aspects of the herbs, plants, and flowers. I completed her Level I Herbalism class last year and came away with more knowledge than I ever expected – on all levels – the plants themselves, where they grow, their medicinal uses. how they interact with each other and individual body systems, and I was really impresses with her plant consciousness. She taught us how to grow and harvest with integrity and concern for the overall well-being of the plant and planet. Signing up for her Level II class was a no-brainer.
Beyond her incredible knowledge and enjoyable teaching style, when a member of my family was going through some serious medical issues, she came to my house for a personalized consult. She did not just “prescribe” herbs that will help, she asked about his care, what other medications he was on, and all things related to his treatment up to that point. I was amazed at the extent of her knowledge of how to integrate Western medicine with a more Holistic approach – and her recommendations worked! 
She has not only instilled a deep life-long love of herbalism in me, she has made two blooming herbalists out of my children! (Oh, and her teas are awesome, we have them every day!!)
Jennifer McMillan, Adjunct English Professor at Dutchess Community College
Karine is detail oriented, knows how to listen, can problem solve, all testament her deep knowledge of the plant kingdom and her experience being present and in the moment with people she is working with. I have been both a client and a provided a venue for her workshops, working with Karine has been nothing but joy and ease. I respect her as a practitioner and a peer.

Lisa Gervais, Owner / Founder Trinity Healing Arts

I have had the pleasure and privilege to have taken the Sacred Heart of Herbalism class that ran monthly over the past two years. It was truly life changing. First of all, Karine is the kindest, gentlest, warmest and most genuine woman I have ever met. Combine that with her infinite knowledge and spiritual connection to plants, animals, and humans and you are bound to learn more than you would ever expect from her classes and workshops. I have gained knowledge and confidence to make my own tea blends, salves, tinctures, oils for myself, family and dogs too! I highly recommend Karine and all that she has to offer.
Lisa Appolonia, Clinical Nutrition Manager at Morrison Senior Dining
Shamanic journeying with Karine Gordineer. Two words – MIND BLOWN! I decided to go on this journey with Karine because of the deep trust, respect and admiration I have for her as a teacher and as a person. Karine is a brilliant teacher who possesses a vast reservoir of knowledge, expertise and experience. As a newbie, I didn’t know what to expect and I had innumerable questions. Karine listened carefully and answered every question I had. Through her careful and patient guidance, drawing on the ancient wisdom and practices of the Native American tradition, with the aid of rattles and drums, and within the sacred safe space that she created, for the first time, I was able to journey to places of non-ordinary reality and connect with my power animal. For me, the experience of journeying has been impactful – spiritual, uplifting, healing. It has given me a deeper understanding of how everything in this world and other worlds are truly interconnected and how sacred and limitless our existence truly is. Thank you so much, Karine! I can’t wait to journey with you again!

Karen Dipnarine-Saroop, Accredited public relations and communications professional with international experience

Karine is an extremely knowledgable and qualified energy healer and herbalist.  She is an expert in her field and it has been a pleasure working with her and knowing her. The Plant Spirit healing work we did together opened the pathways as I continue to gain insights on my journey called life.  Karine’s knowledge about plants, herbal remedies and the Plant Spirits is invaluable.  Her tea blends are so much more than organic tea; she honors the power of the plants and creates a tea that tastes divine and nurtures both body and soul.   I highly recommend Karine; she is truly gifted!

Claudia Frey, Dream Life Navigator/Bold Passion 

I have studied with Karine since 2001.  I have found her to be the most knowledgeable and down to earth herbalist that I had the pleasure to study with.  Her passion for the plants and the Great Mother is contagious to all that she teaches and her herbal teas blends are second to none!  I look forward studying with her for many years to come. 

Tom Kendall, Shamanic Practitioner & Wilderness Survival Instructor 

The tea is wonderful!  You should put this one in your product line.  I used it too and noticed a change.  Nicky only takes the tea and his probiotics now.  We are off all other medicine.  Thank you so much!

Stacey Csizmar-Viano 

The Sacred Heart of Herbalism” course was an excellent introduction for me to the world of medicinal plants. As a novice, I particularly appreciated the interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum, as it kept the course relevant and engaging for me. Karine fostered a warm and welcoming learning environment where I became comfortable asking questions and participating in collaborative group discussions. Her passion in this field has personally inspired me to learn more, and I would recommend this course to anyone interested in a holistic approach to healing that is deep and meaningful.


Entering into the world of plants and herbs through this course is one of the most amazing events in my life. Plant communication has provided a pathway of understanding to the energy of healing from plants under the guidance of Karine, a great teacher.

Elizabeth Matheson, Shamanic Practitioner and Artist

If you love plants, their healing properties, healing naturally, learning about plant spirits or are the slightest interested, “The Sacred Heart of Herbalism” is THE class to take. Karine really is an exceptional teacher with a wealth of knowledge and a caring heart for her students that’ll make you wonder why you haven’t signed up before. I know I did.

Baerbel Haynes, Owner Angel Messages

Medicines will only cure your body temporarily but Karine will work to heal your soul which then will naturally heal the body. She will look inside what the mind tries to forget until it’s time to heal then help us to get rid of the trash & baggage we have picked up along the way. Those of us who are smart enough to realize why carry the extra weight our whole life time on our backs should make an appointment with her. I personally feel she carries a natural healing insight that you cannot just buy or learn. The session felt to me as if she was sending a tingling pulse through me to take the edge off of my physical aches & pains so I can heal inside out, more spiritually after my mind shut my body and emotions down from life’s ups & downs. In these times Karine would be my first opinion than my doctor’s office.  She will be someone I will keep in contact with for many years as she truly has her client’s best interests at heart & I thank her for guiding me how to feel happy again without popping the ” happy pill” so many of my friends have turned too just to function day to day in these hard changing times. She definitely is trying her best to healing the world one person at a time.

Victoria C.

I have taken quite a few classes with Karine. When she is teaching, you can tell it comes from her heart and soul and what she truly believes. The way she conducts her classes and teaches, I find her to be able to retain the knowledge she brings very well. Her handouts are packed with information for easy review. I’ve also tried many of Karine’s custom blends and I feel that in addition to being very effective, the taste is very smooth whatever the blend. I feel it’s not only the herbs she knows so well and how to pair them together, but it’s a part of herself and what she loves that goes into every bag of tea. I really think it’s magical!

Joe Bochichio

A wonderful course by an informed and experienced teacher. Knowledge that will last a lifetime!

Cheryl Barnum, Registered Nurse

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for such a wonderful class. The Sacred Heart of Herbalism was a great course with so much wonderful information about herbs, plant allies, meditation, and just an overall beautiful way to connect with the Mother Earth and her lovely living things. Thank you for helping guide me on my chosen path. Look forward to the next sessions.

Angie Brooke

Disclaimer: Karine Gordineer is not a medical doctor. Any information on this page is for informational purpose only. 

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