Shamanic Plant Medicine Journey

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Shamanic Plant Medicine Journey
An 8-Month Exploration in Plant Consciousness LIVE Online
Beginning Saturday, October 22nd, from 12noon-3:30pm
It is widely accepted that medicinal plants contain powerful energies for healing the physical body. Less understood is their equally powerful spiritual capacity for healing and transformation both personally and planetarily. Now more than ever, we need the healing power of nature and in particular the sacred medicine plants.
Join us on this transcendent journey and path of healing as we connect deeply with our green allies, discovering their personal wisdom and guidance for our lives and our communities. In each monthly class, we will journey with a different plant that will guide our work together for that session. Some of the topics covered:
🌱 Introduction to the Shamanic Journey
🌱 Journey with a different plant each month to embrace that plant’s energies and unique lessons
🌱 Learn how plants communicate and how to hear their messages
🌱 Connect with the Plant Spirits through drumming and meditation
🌱 Create a Healing Plant Altar
🌱 Learn the spiritual, energetic, and medicinal properties of 9 different herbs
🌱 Learn the wisdom and lessons of 9 unique sacred medicine plants
🌱 Learn to work with plants to balance the chakras
🌱 Learn to clear energetic imbalances
🌱 Experience healing Plant Ceremonies
🌱 Learn a powerful Rose Plant Spirit Healing ceremony
🌱 Heal with the plants utilizing Plant Elixirs
🌱 Create healing art
🌱 Learn to bring the plant’s energies into your daily life and communities
🌱 Learn to trust the urgings and messages of the Plant Spirits
🌱 Work with the Music of the Plants as another form of communication and renewal
🌱 Grow together and connect with others to create a supportive community
In each monthly class we will work with the Spirit and healing wisdom of a specific plant, engaging deeply with their energies for healing and transformation:
🌿 Mugwort – Clearing the neural pathways / Attuning to the Dream of the Plants / Messages from the Dreamtime
🌿 Rose – Embracing Love / Opening the Heart and High Heart Energy Centers
🌿 White Pine – Tree of Peace Teaches to Channel Our Capacity for Inner Peace
🌿Indigo – Being Peace within the Storm / Anchoring Our Spirituality into Our Daily Life
🌿 Oatstraw – Deep Nourishment and Healing the Wild Heart
🌿 Calendula – Cultivating Our Gifts and Bringing them to the World
🌿Elder – Turning in to our inner strength and wisdom / Crossroads
🌿 Daisy – Reclaiming Innocent Perception
Each class will take place live, online, and be recorded. A private online forum will be available for community building and interaction and instructor support in-between class sessions.
This is a rare opportunity to reclaim your sacred birthright cracking open the door on interspecies communication. This transformative work enables us to be pioneers in creating a new world, one of co-creatorship, cooperation, community, and heart directed consciousness and action.
The cost for this unique transformational work is $795. Payment plans are available. A $150 deposit is required to hold your space.
To register by mail, send a check to: Green Girl Herbs & Healing, PO Box 1236, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
To register:
Click here to register with a $150 deposit:…
Click here to pay in full, $795:…
Email for any questions about this class.
This class meets on the following dates:
Saturday, October 22, 12noon-3:30pm
Saturday, November 19, 12noon-3:30pm
Saturday, December 10, 12noon-3:30pm
Saturday, January 14, 2023, 12noon-3:30pm
Saturday, February 11, 2023, 12noon-3:30pm
Saturday, March 11, 2023, 12noon-3:30pm
Saturday, April 8, 2023,12noon-3:30pm
Saturday, May 6, 2023, 12noon-3:30pm
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