This is No “Shrinking” Violet!

Did you know there is an abundance of medicinal plants growing right in your own backyard? A multitude of these plants have been used for centuries as powerful plant medicines many of which are still in use today. One such plant is the oftentimes overlooked but lovely Violet (Viola spp.). Violet comes to us very early in the spring bearing gifts of heart-shaped leaves surely the evidence of her connection to Venus, followed shortly by dainty purple, white or yellow flowers. The leaves and flowers of the Violet plant are edible, quite tasty, and a pretty edition to early spring salads. The tiny flowers hold a delightful sweetness that sneaks up on you and says “Hello, it’s nice to meet you!”.


I love to make a tea out of both the fresh leaves and flowers. Violets are mild enough to have a history of use as a medicine for children and are often made into a syrup for that purpose. The leaves are considered demulcent and are soothing to sore throats, dry throats and can help the lungs to release phlegm and congestion. Herbalists of the last few hundred years, often employed Violet leaves as a cure for consumption. Violets have been used for all cancers of the throat and mouth and at least one case of colon cancer is said to have been cured over many months of Violet leaf infusions.


Topically, the leaves have been used on skin cancer and are often poulticed for a variety of skin issues. Both the flowers and leaves are employed as a cancer preventative. Violet is a mild and gentle laxative, safe enough for children. The roots are considered emetic and purgative and have been used to replace Ipecac.


The spiritual energy of this plant is quite healing as well. Violet is a Keeper of the Violet Ray and as such can bring about profound transformation in our spiritual lives.  Violet encourages us to let go of old, outdated energies and thought forms aiding us to replace negative affirmations with spiritually uplifting and profound ways of thinking and being. Working with the enlightening energy of Violet, I often tune in to new and exciting ideas and methods of healing. This is just some of the magic that is Violet!


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