Chickweed; A Little Star

The botanical name for Chickweed is the Latin binomial Stellaria media. Literally, “little star in the midst of….”.  As we examine her tiny white flowers they certainly look like tiny little stars in the midst of our spring lawns. Often reaching a height of no more than 8-10″ we might miss her entirely if we’re not paying attention and she certainly deserves our attention! 


Chickweed favors the cool early spring temperatures and “cooling” is her nature. She loves the cold so much she can sometimes be found even in the middle of winter.


Chickweed is edible and highly nutritive making her an excellent addition for those weakened individuals to regain their strength and health. She contains generous amounts of calcium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, chlorophyll and even protein! She also contains a moderate amount of vitamin C. 


Her healing properties are most available when eaten fresh or made into a healing tea, tincture, salve or poultice. Her demulcent properties make her lovely to sooth a sore or hoarse throat or even as a mild laxative. Her soothing and nourishing ways bring relief to lung infections, bronchitis, smoker’s cough, allergies and other lung irritations.


Here healing power can be felt throughout the urinary system as she share her cooling touch with inflamed urinary tissues, healing scalding urination, bladder infection and cystitis. Chickweed has an impressive history as an aid to weight loss and an anticancer when eaten regularly. Topically, our “little star” eases the skin issues such as boils, burns, wounds and can draw out infection when used as healing poultice.


So much healing is available right in our own backyards and yet often ignored in our insatiable search for the next miracle “cure”.  True healing doesn’t come in a pill or a package or in the next fad diet, but it does come with common sense; good food, clean water, fresh air, exercise and a little help from our lovely plant allies.

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